Build your online platform quickly.





Trading terminal cover the whole of platform

Friendly and simply interface provides comfortable visual experience;
Users can operate smoothly on the platform which supports multi-terminal client-sides;The real-time market data of stock exchange can improve trade efficiency and user experience

Intelligentized and automated auxiliary function can be selected freely, such as short line wizard and market data centre; The customized service also can be provided according to the special demands of customers.


The accuracy of system is monitored and grasped by senior investment experts;

Your customers can open an account easily with no limited by time and places;

Multiple technical measures to keep the system operation in safety, and the users' information

has been strictly confidential;

Customizable and one to one services can be provided for securities, brokers, and other financial people.


Modular management system

Multi-dimensional data statistical analysis, operation at a glance; Modular management background,

Easy to operate; Adaptive browsing can satisfy the needs of the expansibility of cross-terminal operation system, flexible support your individual needs to customize.


Data Service

we have rich cooperation experience with some international securities exchanges, and can provide high quality of real-time market data services for your trading system.

  • HXEX
  • SSE
  • SZSE
  • NYSE
  • SGX
  • ASX

Service and Support

The perfect cascade maintenance service system provides users with accurate, timely, convenient, fast and all-round services and support to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of users' business.