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Starting from the user needs, we provide the overall solutions of consulting planning, trading system software and supporting services of information and market data before and after the business.


“Continuously create value for customers”

With continuous product innovation and more comprehensive industry big data integration and analysis, financial institutions will be assisted in innovation and development.

Link Culture Real, Driven, Creative.
On this planet,
We have a lot of customers.
Link Ecology Just for refinement and experience.

Let linksoft
be your powerful assistant in operation.

Linksoft's products, systems and services are well-known,
Let the strategy show extraordinary results.

Three key points,Safety, safety,
and safety

Linksoft ecological products have been carefully designed to properly protect personal data and
property security. Key security functions, such as data encryption transmission based on multiple algorithms,
make the security of users' personal data more secure.
The use of private network interaction will not let the market data leak out in the transmission process.
In addition, because the design of Lingke eco products puts data security first,
you don't need to do a lot of security configuration work.

At the same time, the user-defined configuration function helps the trading system do a good job in compliance risk control, better helps you complete the user KYC and AML verification, and ensures the quality of platform users.

Master linktrade,
Everything is easy.


Good and easy


Trading experience

Real time

Market push

With powerful equipment,easy work.

Linksoft products, systems and services work together to
pursue the ultimate user experience. There is a special person to complete the demand docking
and quickly respond to the user's feedback. In addition, the strong thnical ability for investment research
and trading has brought security, let your team go to do it.

Localization deployment
is easy for it.

It can be installed and called locally to help realize localized deployment of trading system.

ModularizationPersonalization makes you and your customers more satisfied.

The system is easy to expand and support new products and new business. Integrate the demand strategy into our core system, and create a powerful tool that everyone can't help but love.


Financial data.

Hold the license of HKEx market data supplier and Nasdaq,
and connect massive market data and information data by special personnel. Exchange directly linked data to obtain accurate tick market.
The mainland and Hong Kong Computer Room Double node, with CDN global acceleration scheme, enjoy the data transmission at a high speed. Sense of delay?

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