LinkAOS Online account opening system


LinkAOS Online account opening system

Easy to open an account,
and get customers online.

LinkAOS_Let's open an account anytime, anywhere.
It is not only simple and convenient, but also safe and compliant; In addition, it supports PC and H5 dual terminal synchronization, and also supports the account opening process field DIY,
which makes a reasonable account opening plan according to different account opening scenarios. So linkaos makes it easy to be an investor.


I want this, not that.
Whatever you want.

LinkAOS Online account opening system plays an important role in micro service architecture.
At the same time, the highly customized components, processes and flexible design all meet various scene changes.
OCR intelligent identification makes account opening operation more convenient, CA authentication meets your compliance requirements, and independent background module also supports one-stop audit and export.


It's one,
and unique.


Spend most of your time,
on more important things.

It's just a family. Why do you spend so much energy? Leave it to investment.

SafeImprove security to a new level.

Multiple algorithms are used to encrypt the data, and end-to-end encrypted transmission is carried out;

Based on Internet technology and cloud services, it adopts technology encryption security strategy for client and server,

and has multi-level and comprehensive information security mechanism;

Through the digital certificate issued by the trusted organization,

it can sign and encrypt the data to prevent data tampering and other hacker attacks.

Why is linkaos
so different?

Intelligent identification, electronic signature, living identification, CA authentication, global KYC process field DIY? Nothing different, is to let you open accounts more flexible, more convenient and achieve safety and compliance!