LinkTrade Financial transaction terminal

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LinkTrade Financial transaction terminal

Smart trading, not just trading.

It can bring more comfortable visual experience through a more friendly interface;
Can use multi terminal browsing operation; Can see the real-time market, investment decision-making one step ahead;
It can also carry out intelligent stock selection and keep an eye on the market, with multiple functions under your control. With linktrade financial trading terminal, more comfortable, faster and more intelligent financial trading will be easily available.


Micro service, the transaction system to the extreme.

Micro Service
The power is surging, and the core lies in it.

Due to the high degree of closeness and dependence between services, traditional monolithic applications will be difficult to test and upgrade, and the development curve may rise sharply in the later stage, which makes the development difficult. Now, the microservice architecture has pushed the products of Ke software to the extreme, meeting the three high requirements of internet background services: high concurrency, high performance and high availability. Microservice improves the technical heterogeneity of link software, gets rid of the limitation of single structure, and has high scalability, so as to realize highly customized functions for seven modules, such as quotation service, transaction service and user service. At the same time, due to the particularity of its architecture, microservices pull the deployment online to a new level faster. Micro service has created a new world for you and the software.

Customized Whatever you want, say it.

LinkTrade terminal adopts our micro service architecture. It divides each service area into independent and autonomous systems in a specific form. In this way, the maintenance and upgrade of a single module is much easier.

Design No kidding,
Repeated scrutiny!

Carve every detail, every icon, every chamfer……
From prototype to design interaction, they are all over again and again, just to make users happy。

Smart Watch

Early warning

The market is changing rapidly, timely remind users.


Covering the whole life cycle of trading tools,

Seize every opportunity.

No matter what financial products you want to trade and manage, as long as you have linktrade in your hands, everything is OK.

  • Intelligent stock selection

    easy to find opportunities.

    Based on the fundamental, message, technical… intelligent screening.

  • Shape stock selection

    The same strength,

    different deduction.

    Filter K line, combine data, assist users.

  • Short line spirit

    quick opportunities.

    Grasp the short-term changes of individual stocks and the opportunity.

DealIn milliseconds,
it condenses our understanding of speed.

Multi channel support, millisecond level transaction.

Real timeTacit cooperation,
the market can also be on call.

Data direct connect exchange, Hong Kong and the United States stock market real-time response.

LinkageDon't think about it.
Use what you want.

PC, IOS, Android... Multi terminal coverage;
Multi screen interconnection, multi-faceted interaction.

CommunityTalk about stocks,
talk about anything.

PrivacyNew height of safety.

Your privacy information, only you know.