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Project Manager

Department:Technology| Job Type:Technology| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2021.03.23

Job Responsibilities

1.Be responsible for the whole implementation process of the project, and effectively confirm the project implementation scope, cost control and risk control;

2.Define the reasonable arrangement and personnel deployment of multi project parallel, make full use of project resources such as members of the project team and various departments of the company, and ensure that the implementation work is completed according to the established plan, smoothly implemented and collected;

3.Deeply excavate customers' business needs and improvement opinions on software, timely feed back, track and solve problems, consolidate customer relationship and improve customer satisfaction;

4.Responsible for the preparation and audit of key achievements in the implementation process of project implementation schedule, business solutions, customized demand solutions, etc., and write the implementation process, project implementation plan, tracking feedback, software auxiliary application and other documents, so as to promote the construction of project implementation standardization process;

5.Be responsible for organizing the meeting of project development team and compiling the meeting minutes. The development team meeting shall be held at least once a week (which can be combined with the regular meeting of the project) to analyze and solve the difficulties and doubtful points, so as to ensure the full communication among the team members.

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, majored in computer or related;

2.3-5 years project management experience, proficient in project management process;

3.Excellent project communication and coordination skills, good writing and expression skills; good at communication and coordination, good team cooperation with other relevant professionals and departments;

4.Have service consciousness and user orientation; have good project planning ability;

5.Proficient in using project is preferred; PMP project manager qualification is preferred.

Application method

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