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Web front end development engineer

Department:Technology| Job Type:Technology| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2021.04.06

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the discussion of product demand, R & D and design, and improve the requirements of product usability and aesthetics from the perspective of front-end design;

2. Responsible for the front-end development of the project according to the company's requirements, and realize the front-end and back-end interaction required by the product;

3. Keep good communication with the background technology development, complete the specific development work.

Job Requirements

1. Computer related major, bachelor degree or above, with more than 3 years of practical work experience in front-end development, high self-demand and strong executive ability;

2. Have a deep understanding of Web front-end technology HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3 / Vue cross browser compatibility. Master Vue ecology and understand its basic principles. And skillfully use HTML5 for responsive development;

3. Experience in electronic development, be proficient in desktop development;

4. Have a deep understanding and practice of front-end development specification, engineering, componentization and testing;

5. Familiar with the software design pattern, have the idea of software development architecture, have a certain interactive experience design basis (beauty, ease of use, etc.);

6. Have experience in the development of middle and back office management system, skillfully use various debugging and packet capturing tools, and be able to analyze, solve and summarize problems independently;

7. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, work conscientiously and responsibly, have certain logical thinking ability.

Application method

Submit your resume to: (live interview)

Workplace: Floor t4-21, American Financial City (EFC) American Center, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City

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