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Java Development Engineer

Department:Technology| Job Type:Technology| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2021.04.06

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the design and development of platform infrastructure, architecture design and optimization;

2. Assist the business party to sort out business needs, provide business planning scheme and architecture design scheme, and carry out R & D work according to the scheme;

3. Maintain the consistency of system architecture design (global consistency and local consistency), participate in the code review of key components and code, and take the responsibility of design quality;

4. Solve the key problems and technical difficulties in the project, and be responsible for tackling the key technologies of the project.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, at least 3 years related working experience;

2. Proficient in Java language and deep understanding of open source products in related technical fields;

3. Familiar with JVM, including memory model, class loading mechanism and JVM related parameter tuning;

4. Familiar with Dubbo or spring cloud related components, with large-scale distributed high concurrency, high availability, tuning system experience is preferred;

5. Java network programming experience or open source works, blog is preferred;

6. Have strong business abstract ability, logical thinking, communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and pressure resistance, and team spirit;

7. Quick learning ability, good sense of teamwork;

8. Securities related work experience is preferred.

Application method

Submit your resume to: (live interview)

Workplace: Floor t4-21, American Financial City (EFC) American Center, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City

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