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Senior PHP development engineer

Department:Technology| Job Type:Technology| Location:Hangzhou
Release Time:2021.04.27

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in and be responsible for the whole system architecture and R & D;

2. Lead the development of system server program;

3. Responsible for the compilation and internal test of website program;

4. Modify and upgrade the front and back functions of the website according to the planned time and quality requirements;

5. Be responsible for the optimization and maintenance of website code to ensure the operation efficiency of the website;

6. The compilation of website program development technical documents.

Job Requirements

1.At least 1.3 years of PHP development experience;

2. Be able to develop the server independently and have strong logical thinking and comprehension ability;

3. Rich experience in project leading development;

4. Be familiar with and master the swoole extension or hyperf framework;

5. Understand and master the principle and application of rabbitmq;

6. Understand and be familiar with Linux operation and maintenance issues;

7. Good sense of teamwork and communication skills;

8. Large scale project development experience is preferred; Relevant development experience in securities industry is preferred.

Application method

Submit your resume to: (live interview)

Workplace: Floor t4-21, American Financial City (EFC) American Center, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City

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