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How can financial institutions cope with the online upgrading challenges brought by the epidemic?


  Living at home during the outbreak,environmental constraints forced us to make changes.It shakes our long-term belief in what the world looks like or should look like,helps us find more value opportunities,and gradually forms new rules of behavior.This will also profoundly change the mode of business management.

  Three years ago,I wanted to promote home office in the company.The senior leaders of the company were very liberal and agreed to arrange a pilot in the IT center in my charge.In the process of implementation,however,it was found that the project managers were not active.They believe that only on-site management can ensure the quality and progress of the project.Finally,in addition to a few pregnant women trying to work at home,the pilot will not end.

  After the outbreak,many employees were unable to go to the company for activities,so they could only handle it remotely through the network.The results show that home office can meet the requirements of the company.Most of the work of the IT center depends on the remote implementation of the staff.Even the staff in the telephone center are providing telephone service at home and abroad.The quality of the company's operation activities has not been reduced,and the effect is quite good.This breaks the long-standing belief that you have to work in the company's office.

  Many similar limiting beliefs can also be broken.For example,we used to think that only in offline scenarios can we find customers,and we have to meet to talk about business.When we break through the thinking limit of relying on offline space operation,it will bring new opportunities for the company's development.

  The epidemic has changed our environment and brought about the upgrading of user requirements.Some companies are not well prepared for online work,and their recent business management activities have been greatly affected.This triggered a rethink of the online role and a cognitive shift.In the past,it was based on offline management and operation company,online assistance.In the future,it is possible to carry out all-round operation and management activities based on online,and offline scene activities may become necessary supplements.

  The business management activities of financial enterprises,such as customer acquisition,marketing,service,risk control,team management,employee management,etc.,all need to be reconsidered based on the online,innovative and more efficient mode.Only to adapt to the trend of the times,can we ensure the company's future survival and development.Who can grasp this opportunity,who will occupy a favorable position in the cruel market competition pattern.

  Launch an innovation

  Based on the online reconstruction of business management mode,it means significant innovation and change of the enterprise.This is bound to encounter strong resistance,on the one hand,from the habit formed in the past industries or enterprises themselves for a long time,on the other hand,from the inherent pattern of interest distribution.Enterprise leaders must have firm will.Any hesitation and compromise will lead to the failure of previous achievements.

  We need to launch a full discussion on the problems encountered in the current operation and management of the enterprise,what restricts the development of the enterprise,how to carry out the operation and management activities after the enterprise is fully online,and what changes and benefits will be brought.Form a consensus on the current problems and future goals of the enterprise,and gather the change power within the enterprise.Let's ask for change instead of accepting it passively.

  Under the epidemic situation,we don't have more choices,so it's easy to shelve disputes.In some areas,we can quickly make an up-to-date response.This has prompted companies to take the key first step of change.However,the change is to break through the comfort zone after all.After the epidemic,the original habits of customers and employees will inevitably rebound,and enterprises will face great pressure to restore the original mode.If there is a little compromise,all the efforts in front will be put to naught.

  The solution is to seize the opportunity to help customers and employees form new habits.To create more online use scenarios,and strive to form a good user experience.It can be strengthened in a short time by arranging some reward activities.At the beginning,people may not adapt to it.If they use it more,they will gradually form habits,and even may have dependence.When it is proved that online services can completely replace offline services,we should consider stopping offline services and only providing online services,so as to promote the complete transformation of users.

  Rapid improvement of user experience is one of the key links.We should actively collect and master customer behavior data and opinion requirements.It is necessary to establish a digital operation system to obtain and analyze the demands reflected in users'online behaviors.To provide a convenient user interaction channel,collect opinions and requirements.Only by fully mastering the needs of users can online work be truly done in place.

  Enterprises should take the online work as a strategic focus and vigorously promote it.It is necessary to clarify the work objectives and assessment requirements,and provide necessary resource assurance.It is necessary to make corresponding organizational mechanism adjustment,implement the responsibilities of relevant departments and leaders,and ensure that the company works together to make the work practical.We should give rewards to the phased achievements we have made,and create a change atmosphere for the company.

  Online implementation is likely to bring conflicts with existing corporate culture.For example,traditional financial enterprises generally emphasize the concept of hierarchy and command execution,and after online,many intermediate links will be cancelled,and more emphasis will be placed on staff cooperation and self driving.Corporate culture needs to keep pace with the times and keep evolving in combination with online development requirements.The main leaders of an enterprise should take the lead and lead the evolution of corporate culture genes.

  Online technology puts forward new requirements for employees'ability.Enterprises should actively introduce employees with higher level of work ability,make them become the basic force of change,and influence and help more people.It is necessary to carry out online concept and skill training for employees so that they can meet the requirements of online change of enterprises.Employees who can't meet the requirements of online posts should be transferred or even eliminated.

  Online measures are not suitable for all customers,which will inevitably affect customers'choice of the company.Enterprises need to rethink who is the target service object based on online,and further clarify their customer positioning.Due to the limited resources of the enterprise,the most important parts should be determined in the future,and appropriate choices should be made.Customers'Internet awareness and skills have a gradual improvement process.In the process of online upgrading,we should take full account of the actual situation of customers and adopt a step-by-step development strategy.

  Innovation based on the essence of things

  Innovation should see the essence of things,not only from solving the surface problems encountered,but should aim at the ultimate goal to achieve.For example,I recently participated in some online training,which basically moved the offline teacher's lecture content in the classroom to the online.Many of the content that can't be directly moved to the online classroom has been directly ignored.

  In order to let students use their brains and focus their attention,offline courses will design a series of activities to enhance the teaching effect,such as the interaction between teachers and students,the discussion between students and students,the on-the-spot practice of students and the students'experience.These activities are very important to achieve teaching goals,but they are easy to be ignored.

  Most online courses are taught there by teachers,and students have a low sense of participation.A few courses arrange some exercises after class,or online multiple choice examination.It is difficult for students to invest in the whole process,and the learning conversion rate is very low.The essence of learning is not only to tell students some information,but also to let them really master and form the ability to use it anytime and anywhere in the future.

  For online training of enterprises,it is necessary to redesign and build courses based on the general laws of teaching,combined with the requirements of online environment,aiming at how to make students focus,how to let teachers quickly understand the learning progress of students,how to let students participate in,how to help students form habits of learning for use and other teaching requirements.In order to achieve the teaching results that meet the requirements of enterprises.

  For example,when offline,the salesman will accompany the customer to attend the life insurance industry conference,guide the customer to understand the product,and promote their purchase intention.This kind of face-to-face communication,will let the salesperson occupy most of the customer's current attention,the effect is naturally better.If we just send a live link of the production talk conference,it is impossible for customers to learn and understand seriously,and even less to form a product purchase intention.

  In order to achieve the goal of offline production meeting,we must not simply copy the offline mode,but redesign it based on the characteristics of online.A series of online interactive activities with customers should be designed.It is necessary to consider how the presenter can attract the attention of customers,how to better display the characteristics of the product with the help of images,how to make customers easily understand,how to stimulate the enthusiasm of customers to participate in the interaction,etc.

  Some marketing tools and specific activity modes should be designed and provided for the salesperson,such as online accompanying customer activities,understanding customers'attitudes and ideas on product introduction,and quick response to customers'requirements.With the help of network,we can integrate the resources of headquarters or external organizations to provide more professional service support.Help customers find their own security needs,so as to form a willingness to buy.

  Accept and integrate all available resources and forces

  Today's society is not a single fight era.Enterprises must fully integrate internal and external resources to achieve success.Online change involves technological innovation and model innovation,and it is easy to fall into a situation of self-restraint only by one's own efforts or a few elites.Only by adopting an open and receptive attitude and doing a good job in the coordination and integration of resources can we achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  Online needs it to provide strong support,if not handled well,it will seriously affect the final effect of change.We must do a good job in the overall it planning.We should only do the development and construction of the most critical parts for our own enterprises,and consider purchasing products from external suppliers for others.We should pay attention to the establishment of a unified user management and portal entry,embed all the use scenarios,and seize the user as the most important asset of the enterprise.

  There are a large number of it cloud services in the market,which can largely meet the IT service requirements of enterprises.Enterprises can completely leave a lot of work to cloud services,and focus on the development of core functions and corresponding service integration.Just like opening a restaurant,you should focus on the service and dishes of the store,not on your own power generation and water pumping.

  The products made by some IT service providers may not be perfect enough to fully meet the requirements of the enterprise.Don't choose to develop by yourself.Don't underestimate the difficulty.There are many technical barriers for the things that are easy to do.Financial enterprises are better at application development of financial business.He is not good at developing service products such as social networking,collaborative office,live broadcast and online training.It's hard to be competitive with other suppliers in the market.

  Economic account should be calculated for self-development.If it is only used by one enterprise,it is impossible to dilute the large amount of cost input consumed by development.If you want to consider providing it to other enterprises in the future,it means that you will compete with other companies in the market,you must meet more needs of other enterprise customers,and it is difficult to guarantee the service quality of your own enterprise.

  Using the services provided by external suppliers can not only meet the needs of enterprises quickly,but also save money.Maybe it is difficult for suppliers to meet our unique needs.So please think further,is this requirement really so important?If it's important,how much are you willing to pay?

  Suppliers are not stupid.If they see business opportunities,even if the money you give can't cover their costs,considering that they can gain profits by serving other customers,they will find a way to do it quickly.If the supplier is not so positive,or if the lion is open,be careful.Probably your unique needs are not that important.Please do a good job of those things that can bring benefits quickly first.

  There is no ready-made answer to the innovation of business management mode brought by online.The enterprise must combine the actual situation and guide innovation according to the situation.Depending on a part of the elite of the headquarters,according to their understanding of the problem,the innovative solutions designed can not guarantee to meet the actual needs.Ideas from front-line employees are closer to the market,more able to see the truth,and easier to implement quickly.

  We should fully mobilize the initiative of the front-line staff,provide necessary resources and give certain power space.Encourage them to make bold innovations based on the new online trend.At first,the situation may be chaotic and even some mistakes may occur,but the cost is not large.

  There are many difficulties in the process of innovation,the most common one is some system regulations or technical conditions.Enterprises should be broad-minded and look at problems from a front-line perspective.Think about and understand its rationality,and look at what has happened or will happen with an inclusive and encouraging attitude.As far as possible in the system to give a trial space,in the technical support to provide the necessary.

  We should pay close attention to the situation of front-line innovation,find out the highlights and experiences that can be used for reference,and summarize and share them in time.In case of any innovation with poor effect or adverse reaction,it is necessary to correct it in time to avoid repeated mistakes and control risks.We should give full praise to the good models and experience.After further summary,refinement and improvement,it is embedded in the corresponding IT system process,forming a standard template,and comprehensively promoted in the enterprise from top to bottom.

  This article is not original.By Su Wenli.

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