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Hong Kong stock market focus of new masks manufacturing machine is expected to double


  Spread in the global multinational economic sustainable development,the SARS outbreak signs of easing,while China's epidemic control management has emerged dawn,is actively promote return to work to speed up the construction and production,many small and medium-sized enterprises"crossover"self-help,byd and heng industrial giant enterprises by setting up production line in succession,homemade face mask for other employees can use,more evolved into a collective"national salvation"action.

  In order to produce masks,all you need is a mask machine.Haina smart equipment,which recently applied for listing in Hong Kong,pointed out that during the outbreak,the jinjiang municipal bureau of industry and information technology commissioned a study of disposable medical mask machines.As early as February,the Chinese government approved the resumption of production in hangzhou jinjiang production base and production base,which means that under the leadership and supervision of the government,haina intelligent equipment,relying on the experience and technology of the automated machine sanitary products industry,is committed to the hot production of mask manufacturing machines in many countries!

  In recent months,it has been widely reported that the price of a facemask machine has soared from about RMB 200,000 yuan in the past to about RMB 600,000 yuan for a facemask machine.In other words,there is a market premium of RMB 400,000 yuan for each facemask machine!Among them,the N95 style of heat grab has no masks,and it is even hotter to 1 million RMB per set.The gross profit level is extremely high.Making masks is like printing money!

  KN95 mask machine

   Production of masks increased the performance of the machine doubled

  From January to April this year,haina intelligent equipment received orders to provide 149 sets of disposable medical mask machines.The production time is short,the production space is less,and there is a great demand.It is expected to make a significant contribution to the profit of the fiscal year 2020!

  The product premium alone is RMB 400,000 per unit.If at least 149 units are sold,the profit will reach RMB 59.6 million,which is twice the net profit of about RMB 26.42 million in the 2019 fiscal year.Not to mention the annual orders after may,as well as some European and American and southeast Asian countries market demand!

  At present,China also has A few companies"crossover"mask machine,such as A shares of topstar(300607),recently achieved operating revenue of 549 million yuan,an increase of 70.12%;Net profit of which 154 million yuan,a year-on-year growth of nearly 300%!With its huge business growth,several brokerages are expected to post a p/e of 18 times in 2020,compared with about 5 times now.The medical mask production line developed by a number of industrial enterprises,including yinghe technology(300457),zhiyun stock(300097)and nanxing stock(002757),has attracted capital speculation this year,and so far has witnessed a significant increase compared with the previous epidemic.

  If leasing business in the future,promote sustainable growth

  With the recent resumption of work and study in China,the market demand for masks at home and abroad is still great.At present,the number of employed people in China is about 560 million,and the daily demand also exceeds 500 million masks.As for the developed countries in Europe and the United States,which are at the epicenter of the outbreak,the public's acceptance of wearing masks has increased.According to the U.S.department of health and human services(HHS)in early April data,forecast that the company is now the mask supply gap has risen to 315 million,combined with some other European,southeast Asia countries,the rigid demand for machine mask manufacturing technology continuing explosion,is expected to drive the susquehanna intelligent equipment orders and pricing growth this year,to achieve better effect of profit analysis ability.

  Haina intelligent equipment in Europe,the United States and southeast Asia market has experienced sales and promotion team,in the rapid export of mask manufacturing machine has a strong advantage.All sales are now disposable face mask machine,maintain long-term stability of the strong revenue growth,cash flow should be the sales strategy,using instead awarded leasing methods,such as to the stability of development in the future and rental fees,consulting fees,value-added services such as maintenance of income,with main business in China is engaged in the design and manufacture of disposable sanitary products,we believe it will be able to maintain the outbreak continue,steady growth.

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