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2021, To Find a Better You in the Future !


On January 22, 2021, the year-end summary meeting of link software (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was solemnly held in Xizi Hotel on the Bank of Hangzhou West Lake!

Focusing on the theme of "finding a better self", the company's senior management and all employees gathered together to summarize the achievements of the past year and plan the development direction of the new year.

<To Find a Better You in the Future!>

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Huang Lei, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a speech, which started with "meeting the unknown self", a work by Taiwan writer Zhang defen. He elaborated the theme of the conference of "finding a better self", made a report and summary on the achievements of linksoft in the past year, especially pointed out the core competitiveness of linksoft, and put forward the idea of "conquering ourselves and making plans for the new year and even the future" ”The company's vision of "technology driven finance" and "becoming an enterprise that continuously creates value for customers" is emphasized.

At the same time, it puts forward the new development hope of "in the future, make Ke software become an enterprise that continuously creates value for employees, and become an enterprise that continuously creates value for the society", and is willing to make Ke software "be on top of the world, and see all the mountains"!

Ray Huang    Chairman

Ms. Pan Tong, product director, summarized the work of the product department in 2020, gave a comprehensive description of the progress of each product of link software: "mainly completed linktrade v1.2, v1.3, new linkaos account opening system, linktrade PC trading system, etc." and put forward the prospect of business breakthrough, team promotion and industry empowerment in 2021, and put forward the product development plan for 2021.

▲Mia Poon    Product Director

Mr. Xie Zhiqiang, technical director, made a summary report on the growth and development of the technology department in the past year. He said that the technology department was in the process of internationalization and rancher+ K8s, linktrade, global acceleration, account opening system and other aspects are continuously improving the link product ecology, putting forward the vision of "a big stage, unlimited prospects", and putting forward "more professional compliance risk guidance, more content software, more customer recognition, more focus on securities, more open ecology, high availability industry solutions, more perfect overall system structure, and more fine management" The future work plan of "more standardized functional modules, higher system load, faster delivery mode and more standardized operation mode" is to "never forget the original intention and forge ahead".

▲Poet Xie    Technical Director

Mr. Wu Xiaoye, commercial director, reported the achievements of the Ministry of Commerce in 2020 and completed the strategic cooperation plan with Saxo Bank, Zunjia securities, Yingli securities and other institutions. In this year, the professional quality of the Ministry of Commerce has been greatly improved, and the systematic service has been more perfect; the brand awareness of the software industry has been continuously improved, and the brand effect has begun to play a role; every employee of the Department has been deeply cultivated in the industry, and accumulated direct customers and channel resources covered by the industry.

At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce has set a grand goal for the new year's performance, put forward a new plan for team building and training, and put forward the learning goal of "keeping up with the pace of the times, constantly consolidating the foundation, learning new knowledge, and improving the overall combat effectiveness of the Department".

▲Snack Wu    Bussiness Director

Lingke software adheres to the team culture of "professional, focused, young and dream", attaches importance to talent development, actively reserves talents, encourages excellent employees, and creates a broad employment environment for employees. The meeting specially commended and awarded 18 outstanding employees who have achieved outstanding results in 2020.

For 2021, we will not forget our original intention, forge ahead, have a good heart, full of expectations, firm steps, concentrate and win-win future!

Wish "will be the top of the mountain, see all the small mountains"!

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