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Big news! LINKSOFT was selected into Hangzhou "young eagle plan" enterprise!


In order to further implement the innovation driven development strategy, accelerate the growth of science and technology-based start-ups, improve the cultivation database of high-tech enterprises, and boost the innovation and development of Hangzhou's key industries such as digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, life health and new materials, Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau has carried out the identification of Hangzhou "baby eagle plan" enterprises.

The plan started in 2010 and intends to form a technological enterprise group with advanced technology, strong competitiveness and good growth.

RecentlyLINKSOFT (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., with its leading strength, has been ranked on the list of enterprises in Hangzhou's "young eagle plan"!

"Enterprise certificate of Hangzhou" baby eagle program "- LINKSOFT"

Conquer oneself and make plans

Being selected as a technology-based enterprise of Hangzhou "young eagle plan" this time is the affirmation given by Hangzhou municipal government to LINKSOFT in many aspects, such as technological innovation, competitiveness, growth and business model, and has injected new power into LINKSOFT to achieve technological breakthrough and business growth.

As an information and data service provider of international financial system software solutions, LINKSOFT has always adhered to the professional, dedicated, young and dream team culture, deeply rooted in the field of international Internet finance, taking technology driven finance as the first priority, constantly breaking through its own technology to meet the diversified needs of customers.

At present, Lingke software

"LinkTrade financial trading terminal"

"LinkAOS online account opening system"

"LinkCMS centralized management system"

"SOURCEDATA market data service"

LINK product ecology has been successfully launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and other countries. Advanced technology and mature business model make LINKSOFT maintain a leading edge in the international financial system software industry!

In the future, LINKSOFT will continue to increase R & D investment, continuously improve its technical strength, enhance its scientific and technological innovation ability, support the national innovation driven development strategy with actions, and make its due contribution to the development of high-tech industry and regional economic construction in Hangzhou!

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