• Help securities companies to make it independent and one-stop solution for market trading

    We are committed to providing one-stop solutions for financial institutions such as securities companies. We will provide you with link ecological products that aggregate financial transactions, online account opening, centralized management, market data and other functional services.

  • Authorized market data suppliers of HKEx and Nasdaq

    Aggregate multi market data, support a variety of data transmission methods, and provide massive financial data.

  • Product insight of deep cultivation of Finance

    The product team has many years of insight into the current situation and trend of Internet finance industry, solved the personalized needs of financial institutions, and brought ultra-high production ratio to financial institutions.

  • The pursuit of excellence

    The technical team pursues the cutting edge of the technology industry and pushes the system to the extreme with micro service. At the same time, linksoft is committed to breaking technical barriers for financial institutions and making finance better because of science and technology.

  • Dedicated customer service

    While helping the Internet transformation of financial institutions, the business team also provides one-stop solutions for the financial industry to make you and your customers more satisfied.

LinkTrade Pro

Trading terminal Profession

Create a financial transaction experience.


Trading terminal

Smart trading, not just trading.


Online account opening system

Easy to open an account and get customers online.


Centralized management system

Many talents, many abilities, simple management.


Market data service

Super accurate, super stable, one step ahead.

Excellent partners bring thousands of possibilities.

Step by step, the whole process for you.