SourceData Market data service


SourceData Market data service

Super accurate, super stable, one step ahead.

Accurate, real-time, stable and rich authoritative market and information data help users make more accurate and timely evaluation and investment decisions. Provide data customization and comprehensive solutions based on different compliance operation requirements. Connect directly to the stock exchange, open up Hong Kong stock market, US stock market, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market, Singapore stock market and Australia stock market, and support multiple data transmission modes such as API and fix.



HKEx data supplier licence

HKEx OMD-C SP data & OMD-C ASP data direct link.
Data type: real time market, historical data, BMP delay market data, transaction data, data of the port of the pan, brokerage seat.
Product categories: stock data, turbo bull and bear warrants, options, funds, bonds, zhonghuatong,
stock linked notes, capital flow of Hong Kong stock connect, and information of issuers.


NASDAQ data supplier license

NASDAQ basic with NLS plus data direct connection.
Data types: real time market, historical data, BMP delayed market data, transaction data, opening data.
Data types: real time quotation, historical data, delay data, transaction details data, BBO optimal quotation, pre and post offer data.
Product categories: stock market data, Index ETF, Bond ETF, US stock options.

Data center Strength, data as proof.

Sourcedata continuously enriches data resources and makes full use of them.
Both you and your customers will feel how powerful the market data service is.

  • Precise and real time

    Punctuality is an attitude.

    At the double node of mainland and Hong Kong, the machine room in Hong Kong is only hundreds of meters away from the Hong Kong stock exchange. Which node can be used.

  • Safeground

    Strengthen data protection.

    Private network interaction ensures that data transmission services are not exposed; Regularly monitor the data distribution process; Data and transaction core system are completely separated.

Rich in variety

Market data

Stocks, ETFs, derivatives, option funds, etc.

Information data

F10 data, related party transactions, IPO charter and results, financial report, etc.

Stable and reliable


High availability cluster
The data is directly connected to the exchange, and the system is upgraded seamlessly and maintained iteratively.

Exclusive services

7 Days


24 Hours

Ensure data stability

Data interface


Provide interface customization services of API interface, DBF interface and JSON stream interface; Custom deployment of cloud service interface.

Using any mainstream language,
Complete data docking easily.